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Hospice and Palliative Care benefits are available to persons who have been determined to be in the end stages of a terminal illness and are no longer seeking or receiving curative treatment of any kind. The goal of hospice and palliative care is to assist in providing "in home" management of physical and emotional problems associated with terminal illness such as the relief of pain and distressing symptoms. Services are directed toward maintaining a high quality of life for both patient and family/significant other using team support and guidance.

The following services will be made available based on need as determined and directed by Home Nursing Company, Inc. Hospice and Palliative Care's Interdisciplinary Team:

* Intermittent Skilled Nurse Visits
* Aide visits for personal care and hygiene
* Social Worker Services
* Counselors
* Chaplain Services
* Speech Therapy
* Occupational Therapy
* Physical Therapy
* Dietary Services
* Trained Volunteers
* Bereavement Services
* Hospice Physician Services
* Pain Management

Hospice provides a team approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the person and their family's needs and wishes. 

Hospice focuses on the belief that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and the hope that our loved ones will receive the support to allow us to do so.

Our focus is on caring, not curing and, in most cases care is provided in the person's home.  Hospice Care may at times be provided in hospice facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and other long term care facilities for a limited amount of time. 

"You matter  to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die."


♥     End stage Cardiovascular Disease
♥     End stage Renal Disease
♥     End stage Stroke (CVA)
♥     End stage Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
♥     End stage Liver Disease
♥     End Stage Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
♥     Parkinson's Disease
♥     Multiple Sclerosis
♥     End stage Alzheimer's Disease
♥     End stage Diabetes
♥     End stage AIDS
♥     Cancer
♥     Debility
♥     ALS